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Many thanks to Paul Gaunt for his help in assembling the ephemera.

Contributions gratefully received.

Emma Harding, actress: 1847 Emma Harding, editor and teacher: 1857 Emma Hardinge, trance medium: c. 1860 Emma Hardinge, speaker and propagandist: mid-1860s Emma Hardinge, speaker and propagandist: mid-1860s

Emma Hardinge Britten, propagandist: 1878 Emma Hardinge Britten, propagandist, Joey-lover: c 1885 Mr. and Mrs. William Britten, entrepreneurs: 1880s Emma Hardinge Britten, spirit: 1902 Emma's handwriting, 1870s

The Floyd/Britten/Wilkinson family grave Emma Floyd's christening record: 1823 Emma Hardinge's marriage record: 1870 Britten Memorial Library bookplate A Two Worlds Publishing Company Ltd. skrying crystal, with box, c. 1900

A Two Worlds Publishing Company Ltd. dial planchette, c. 1900 Mrs. Harding and Miss Harding arrive in NYC on the steamship Pacific Dr. Emma Hardinge Britten, electric physician Reproduction of Mumler's spirit photograph of Emma Hardinge Britten and Beethoven Census records for Emma

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